faMiLy viSit

Rick's family came to visit us this weekend. We went to Sea World and the Swap Meet (of course) played down in the tide pools at La Jolla Beach, went swimming and watched a hockey game at the skating rink. Rick's mom, grandma and grandpa, cousin Mckayla all came from St. George and his sister Kym and her husband and their 4 kids all came from Vegas. We had our own little circus. We had to keep the kids entertained so we were runnin' all over.

cUtE kiDdos

My sisters sent me these yesterday. Im sure im bias, but I think that they are the cutest ever!!! Payton (Lu Lu) and Cannon Bender and Maisey Bingham. Lu Lu is turning into quite the little camera hog. We were taking 4th of July pictures and she had a different face and pose every time. Cannon looks just like his daddy in this picture. Look at those dimples! My little sister Anna took this picture of Maisey. Aren't those eyes amazing? She is a doll.


I am... A wife. A daughter. A sister. A friend. An aunt.
I think... Stacy London is fabulous!!!
I know... that it is hard to keep up with technology. I feel so old.
I want... to know everything about everything.
I have... a very large and wonderful family.
I wish... my poor husband didn't have to have so much stress.
I hate... people who are ignorant about mormons.
I fear... that the things that I fear will happen.
I feel... like going to the pool, but it is a little chilly today.
I hear... Rick's phone ringing, all the time.
I smell... my scentsy candle. Probably some spice mixed with fruit.
I wonder... who finds any of what I have to say interesting.
I regret... not keeping in touch better with old friends.
I love... when Rick takes me somewhere that I have never been before.
I always... clean my kitchen. I have a hard time with clutter.
I am not ... perfect, by any means!
I believe... in being true to yourself. If you make a decission, stand by it!
I admire... people who can cook well. I would love to be a chef, but its just not in the cards for me.
I win... sometimes. Rick has a hard time losing and I just like to play.
I lose... everything that I put in my purse. It could double as luggage.
I never... say never because my luck, it will happen to me.
I listen... to my sisters tell me all about my nieces and nephews.
I am scared of... losing someone that I love.
I read... a lot lately. I moved away from my book club, but am still gettin' it done.
I am happy about... being young and being able to live in the moment.

If you read this, you're tagged!

Mt. Soledad

We went for a drive on Saturday and Rick took me up to Mt. Soledad. I think that I read somewhere that is the highest point in San Diego. This is the view you get from up there. Its awesome! The huge cross is on top of the hill and it is a memorial to all of the soldiers. The wall around the cross has names and pictures of the men and women who have died. It is such a great memorial. I heard that there is a lot of controvercy over it because there isn't a separation between government/state and religion. Get over it! My heck. Its a beautiful tribute and if you don't like it, don't look at it.



1. As you comment on my blog, leave one (or 2 or 3 or 10) memories that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember.

2. Next, repost these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty fun to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you are playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave a memory about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you do not have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.

Have fun!!

gEtTinG seTtLeD

Here are a couple pictures of our place. It is still a work in project, but its getting there. We are just waiting on our sofa from pier 1 to get the living room all put together and a bed for the master bedroom to get that all finished. Other than that I think we're done.
The pool is great and I love the little cabanas. The weather is perfect for reading a book and laying out.

fAbuLoUs fiNd

IT only took one grocery trip to know that this was a great buy from the swap meet. This is my new little grocery cart. This was seriously the best idea ever. We got groceries once before we got this and let me tell you what, even with elevators, the trip from the parking garage is long and hard carrying bags and boxes of groceries. First FABULOUS San Diego buy!

(I know im a total dork)

sEa wOrLd and tHe sWap mEet

We thought that we would take today off from moving in and see some sights. We love Sea World. We usually have season passes even when we lived in Utah. Rick took me to the Swap Meet too. It was really fun! I thought that it would just be a bunch of weird random junk, (which it mostly was) but there were actually a couple vendors that surprised me. Like 2 or 3 were selling the exact same clothes and shoes that you would buy at Zumies, but way cheap. Nice! We got Ricky-Boy some super cute kicks. After our full day, we drove down to La Jolla beach to play in the tide pools and look for "critters".

nEw tO sAn diEgo

Here we are! We made it. (Believe it or not) I cannot believe how much crap we have!!! I wish Rick would have let me see our new place before I packed everything from our house. I honestly could've left most of our stuff there. Rick says that everything we own is just to look at. Where's my back up girls? What else is there? We do have alot of stuff though and I don't want it here. Isn't that funny? It was all good enough to be in my house, but I feel like I want all new/different stuff for this one. I know that you all know what im talking about. I did talk Rick into letting me get some new stuff though, so I suppose it evens out. Ill post some pictures so you can all see the new pad. It is so wierd! It is like we live in a hotel. We have to have a security key for the parking garage, the elevators, and all of the gates around the building. This is for sure, a new adventure.