LoW tIdE aNd a whOLe bUncH oF sTarFisH

CoaL pOiNt, biShoPs bEacH is where we went to explore low tide. I cant believe how far the water was. It was extreme low tide!

We took the boys down to the spit to show them all of the sTarFisH on the rocks during lowtide. Kastle thought that it was necessary to walk the entire length of the docks and throw every one back into the water..... we stopped counting after 200. He wants to be a "dolphin trainer" at SeaWorld, so he felt like this was his duty.

rAsbErrY pIckInG aNd wIne tAsTiNg

What an amazing and unique first for us, picking raSpbeRriEs in Alaska. This property was overflowing with "pick your own" raspberries and the view was unbelievable!

Grape free wine? At this winery in HoMer, they make their wine with bErrIes instead of grapes

Checking out the locals... AlasKa: The Last Frontier, were hoping to meet up with some of Jewel's family.

mOrE hALibUt

Rick had to out fish me, but then he even had to out fish himself. He caught an 80lb "butt" and a huge 120lb skate and then finished the trip off with a 100lb hALibUt.