hAyEs nEwbOrN pIcS

a bAbY, A LadY, anD 2 bEaR hUntErs

Took HayEs on his first camp out. Rick got to sneak away from work long enough to get in one night of the bow hunt. Kastle was so excited when Rick came home with head-to-toe camo for him. He got all dressed, looked in the mirror and said "Dad, I look like a tree" Too funny! Kastle is in a little phases right now... everything is a bEaR hUnt. He has his sword to hunt bears with. So daddy was cute and took him out to "find bears" Kastle had so much fun with all of his cute little cousins. Mommy and Hayes stayed close to the trailer and camp fire. It was a little chilly, but I am absolutely not complaining. It was so nice to get out of this heat.

oUr 1st wEek hOmE

Our 1St wEeK hOme was not relaxing at all. Sunday Kastle went up to his cousin's blessing while mommy daddy and Hayes had to go clean the condo for a new guest. Monday we had to get Hayes his 2nd bilirubin test, Tuesday his circumcision, and Wednesday his 2nd hearing test. He has been a mover and a shaker ever since he got home. He is so alert and a little sweetie. He is a good eater and great sleeper. He thinks he needs to snack all day long, but its ok because he fills the tank before bed and I would much rather have him asleep at night than during the day. Kastle is so in love with him. He is such a good big brother. He is constantly touching him or holding his hand or foot. He is so funny, before he touches him he has to get a "pump" of hand sanitizer first.

hAyEs bIrTh sTorY

Thank you again, Errin Andrus for being a part of this precious day. I am so glad that this little boy waited until you could be there. In this whole 40 week period, Errin was planning on doing our pictures. Well about half way through she found herself a fun job and told me that the ONLY day that she wouldn't be able to take the pictures would be Friday Aug 1st. I thought there is no way that I would deliver on that day. What are the odds. Seriously Hayes! Yes on Aug 1st I started timing contractions at 3:30 in the afternoon and went into the hospital at 7. Thank goodness for all the run around, gave Errin time to get her trunk show finished up. Good timing little man. Held out until 1:21 am on Aug 2nd.