dAdDy'S LitTLe heLpEr

We absolutely love this huge tree in our backyard all summer long. It keeps our backyard at least 10 degrees cooler. However, when fall comes around we really have to work for it. I think it took about 5 drops before they were all down and cleaned up. Kastle had fun helping daddy. I used him to push down the leaves into the garbage can. ;)

gEtTinG iN tHe cHriStmAs sPirIt

Kastle decorating his little tree in his room. Grandma Jan gave him this tree last year. He picked pink himself.

Kastle got a letter from sAnTa! He was so excited. This face says it all.

fAmiLy pIctUrEs - hAwAii sTyLe

This was a change of pace for me. Anyone who knows me knows that I love fall more than any other season. Fall family photos with layered clothes, scarves, boots and the gorgeous fall colors is totally my thing. So this year we happened to be in the same place as one of our favorite photographers.... Aunt Anna. Of course we had to get our pictures while she was with us. Im always so happy with the pictures that she does for us. She is so talented! Even though she is no longer practicing her art, I am lucky that she will still do pics for us. Thanks Aunt Nan!

cHriStmAs tReEs

We love cutting our ChRisTmaS tReE down every year with Rick's parents. I love that it has been our tradition as a couple and now it is a tradition for our little family too. Kastle even wore his work gloves and brought his own saw to help cut them down. This is Hayes' year of 1st's and I am loving it!

tHanKsgiVinG 2014

Back from Hawaii in time to celebrate ThAnkSgiVinG with some of Rick's family. Always delicious food and fun company.

dIaMonD hEaD, bLoW hOLe, LaniKaI, KROC

dIamOnD hEaD take... who knows how many ;) We took Nick, Jess and Renz back around to some spots that we already hit with Rick's family. Of course we had to do Diamond head again. Its a fun hike and a great workout anyway. The scenery isnt bad either. 

This is one of three bLoW hOLeS in the world. Rick and I have seen 2. This one on Oahu and the second in Rosarito. Now w'll just have to get over to Australia to see the last! These waves were insane. I cant believe these boys climbed down and got right into the sea spray

Rick took Nick, Jess and Renz to Kayak from LAniKai. This was one of my favorite activities on our last trip. It sounded like they had a great time even though they got quite the workout