dRiVe - iN

We took the boys to visit Aunt Lys and Uncle Brett in Ephraim and checked out the DrIve-In. So fun! It has been so long since I've been {I literally have no idea how long} and it was great. Perfect weather and a darling movie for their 1st drive-in experience.

dInO rOaR pArtY

Too much fun at our DiNo-RoAr bIrtHdaY pArTy for these two cute boys! Kastle turned 5 and Hayes turned 2 and since they are both obsessed with dinosaurs, this theme was totally on point. We had a t-rex feeding area, built and erupted volcanos, had an excavation dino dig site and a t-rex pinata.

gEtAwaY - vEgAs sTriP

Always a good time with this babe! Lucky enough to have VeGas close enough to just pop over for the night for a little "us" time.

a wEdDiNg wEeKeNd

 We decided to head up to New Harmony early in the day so that we could take the boys on a ride up the mountain before Kyler's rehearsal dinner. 

 Our little cowboy Hayes, will not allow a visit to the farm without riding the ponies

 Late summer/early fall is an absolute perfect time of year to be on the farm

hApPy wEddiNg dAy Kyler and Tess!