pAngUitCh - 6th aNnUaL eLk hUnt

tHe viEw

tHe hUnt

aLL tHe fUn - tHe gReAt IndOorS

tHe tOwN

a hOrSe nAmeD moLLy... aNd tHe ReSt oF uS

Just taking in a gorgeous fall day up in NeW hArmOnY. Hayes is constantly asking to ride mOLLy so he tolerates the rest of us once he gets to her. And nothing better than picking apples on a sunny fall day for us.

sOcCeR mOm

Called ourselves the grEeN gAtoRs for a few weeks this fall. Kastle has loves soccer and is really fun to watch {not biased at all am i} He has always been a great little athlete.


Such a fun trip to LaKe poWeLL with some of Rick's family. Its been a while since we went this late in the year, but the weather was gorgeous. Not too hot during the day and cool enough at night to really enjoy a nice fire. Rick rented us a jet ski for this trip so we spent most of our time out on the lake.