gOiNg pRivAtE

I dont even know if anyone is even following our adventures, this is really just my journal of our day to day chaos. With all of the scary creeps out there (I should know, I talk to them every day) that are thinking of ways to hurt happy innocent people, Rick finally put his foot down and told me that he wants our blog private. I have really been avoiding it because it really is nice to be able to keep in touch with people that I probably wouldn't have been able to without blogspot. So if you are still keeping track of our little family please send me your email address so that I can add you to my list. -ginatrimmer@hotmail.com-

suNnY sAn DieGo

Another fun visit to sAn diEgO. We had Chargers tickets so we drove down to pay a visit to our boys. We had such a fun lazy trip. Usually we are running around trying to fit in all our favorite sites, but this time we slept in and played at the beach alot more than usual. Great trip.

cHargErs gAmE

Went down for a cHarGeRs game this weekend. Neither of us had been to an NFL game and even though it was pre season, it was still a great time. We "tailgated" before the game and had seats right behind the end zone. They didn't win but still a fun game.


jUst pUtTinG arOunD

Just out for a walk up to the green to pUt arOuNd with dad. Cute boys!

mAin sT pArK

I have taken KastLe boy to the mAin sT pArk as much as I can manage this summer. He loves it and has so much fun with his cute cousins knOx and kRew.

24tH oF juLy

2nd Annual nEw hArmOny celebration for the 24tH of juLy. Good food, company, games and animal attractions.

fAmiLy viSit

Got to have my sister and her kids and my parents for a visit over the weekend of the 4th. My mom and I took the girls to see MuLan out at Tuacahn. It was darling. I really loved that it stuck so close to the real Disney show.