wEePiNg rOck

Took my parents over to Zion for the day. We decided to drive through the park before the buses start. Got to see some long horn sheep in the park and went over to see the buffalo. Rick tried out the new Kastle-pack on a small hike. Getting really excited to test it out in HaWaIi

sNow CanYoN sTatE pArK

kAstLe's first visit to SnOw cAnYon sTatE pArK. He loved the sand. Rick showed off a bit with some flips down the hill. I think he is feeling it today tho. ;)

mAiN sT pArK

It was still a tiny bit too cold to be all about the wAteR pArK, but that didnt stop kAstLe. He is not a big fan of the fountain, but he loves the river.

mY LiTtLe GoLfEr

It has been such beautiful weather down here. We had to get out and take advantage. We took KaStLe out for his first GoLf lesson. He loves it. Im loving it. Rick wants him to play everything, but I would be just fine if we skipped baseball and football. He looks too good in a polo and khakis. ;)

oN tHe fArM

kAstLe in nEw hArmOny feeding all the animals. He is just a little farmer already. He got to feed the chickens and the turkeys, the new baby goat and play with the donkey. Good day at Grandma and Papa's house.