HaLf wAy tHerE... 20 wEeKs

Its getting there. I can't believe we're half way. That was the longest 5 months of my life. I feel really good, other that the fact that there are no pants that fit. It wouldn't matter because I wear dresses alot, but I have to wear jeans to work and it is no fun. Other than that I am lucky enough to already have swollen ankles, not feet.... just ankles. It looks terrible. Oh well, huh?

eAstEr 2011

FriSbEy gOlf iN nEw hArmOny

PicNic aT tHe dUneS

tHe bUmP - 16 WeEks

Sorry this took a while to get up on the blog. Its an awful picture, but there it is. tHe bUmP! I will post another one with the next ultrasound in a couple weeks. Dont worry.... its much bigger already. Rick already has funny things to say about it. The first comment as I was getting out of the shower was "you look like a telletubby" a few weeks later it was "the belly of the grinch" my personal favorite just came while I was changing and I looked over to just see a stunned face. No comment was necessary, the eyes said it all. ;) He has no idea whats in store, does he?