WatErfAll SeAsoN

We decided to go check out "WatErfAll SeAsoN" in Zions today. Not many people think about Zions as the place to be in the winter, but as soon as we get some rain it is so great to go up and check out all of the waterfalls. We did the Emerald Pools hike today and that hike usually has waterfalls, but they were huge today. Check out the slide show! It was a little chilly and muddy, but totally worth it.

sAnD DuNes

LeAviNg LaS vEgaS

So I haven't been able to udate or put any new cute pics on because I am stuck in training and seminars this whole month. These pics of the Sand Dunes are New Year's Day. I started working for US Bank.....again, and I have been and will be in Las Vegas for the month of January. BOOOO! I do get to drive home on the weekends, but honestly it takes me the whole weekend just to get all of the laundry, dishes and house cleaning all caught back up from the week before. I am going to be so excited next week when all of this is over and Rick and I can get back into our wonderful day-to-day routine.


I got bangs! What do ya think? Rick says I look like a little kid. Whatever.

NeW yEaRs EvE

I've been training in Vegas all week, so it was fun to have some of our friends come over to BBQ and have some laughs. Happy New Year!