cHriStmAs 2011

We had ChRisTmas this year up in New Harmony with Rick's parents. Even though it was fun to have them all to ourselves, we missed the rest of the family too much. I am working the grave shift right now so I had a little bit of a commute for the Holiday Weekend back and forth from St George and New Harmony. But it is always worth it to have a fun cOuNtRy chRiStmAs.

cOmpAnY cHriStmAs pArtY

Its been so fun the past 2 years to combine both of the company ChRiStmAs pArtIes, United Wood and Titan. Rick's mom Jan goes all out for the food each year and Rick is the most entertaining host there is. He always has fun games. (yes that is a group of adults and a pinata)

ChrIsTmAs tReE 2011

Got the cHriStmAs tReE all set up. Kastle was a big help, cant ya tell.