"sUrpRisE... mEet yOuR nEw nIeCe"

Welcome to our family Zoey Clarice Bingham, born on October 21st. My sister sent me a text out of the blue and it said "mEeT yOur nEw nIecE"!!! What a surprise! Katie and Josh are in Seattle and thought it would be funny not to tell any of us that they were expecting until they could send us this sweet little picture and introduce us to our newest addition. Mean, but fun guys we are so excited to come see her.

AtkiN - we'LL miSs yOu

Rick's dog aTkiN passed away recently. He was such a good dog. Atkin was my first experience with EVER having a pet around. He used to come everywhere with us... as you can see, he was even in our engagement pictures. He was around 13 years old and lived his last few years eXtAtiCaLLy happy up in New Harmony with Rick's parents. Atkin loved to catch bees on the deck (had to be something about the sting in his mouth, but he taught Stella to do the same thing). He loved to go for rides on the gator and 4 wheelers to play with the family or just to do the farm chores. Its amazing how pets can touch our lives and our little AtkIn will be missed.