sALt LakE ciTy

hAngiNg wiTh aUnT sAra

jAzZ gAme

hOgLe zOo

oH mAi viEtnAmeSe 


Hayes had his first eAsTeR. The boys were so cute. Kastle was a champion at the egg hunt in New Harmony. He found the sparkly pink egg and won a big Easter basket. I got Rick a day of relaxing and pampering {with his lovely wife} and he got me a bread maker. I am so excited for fresh warm bread. All of you who know me, know that my mom made homemade bread every week. I miss it. Kastle and Hayes got a playground for the backyard {stay tuned}

LeTs gO fLy a kItE

Perfect windy day to fly some kites. Kastle caught right on. We had Jake and Monsters Inc soaring through the sky.

hAyeS {8 mOntHs}

We cant get enough of this chunky boy! He is so sweet and so happy. This big man smiles at everyone! He is no longer a sit and watch kind of guy. This boy started to crawl! He loves to eat bananas, scrambled eggs and rice. He loves to play with Kastle. He's starting to have such a big personality.