SaN dIegO

Another fun trip to SaN dIegO. We kept Jenni, Nick and Mason busy all weekend. Spencer came out with us so we had to show him our regular stops. We got to do some sailing and check out the San Diego Zoo. We had some great food at some fun spots and enjoyed the ocean from a couple different beaches. Kastle loves the ocean. Im pretty sure he thinks its a big bath tub

LAke pOweLL

Another great trip to LakE pOweLL with some awesome friends. We missed out on last year's annual trip because we were in the hospital having Kastle. This year we were so lucky to get in with some friends on their houseboat. Thx guys! But the weather was absolutely perfect for tent camping. The "Slip and Bleed" lived up to its name once again. Everyone who went down it came out of it injured. Funny enough that that didn't stop anyone. Ill have to post some of them going off the ramp as soon as I get some.