bEnsOn FaMilY gEt AwaY

Rick's Gram and Gramp Benson rented the ParAgOnaH cAbiN for all of us again this year. It was so nice to get out of the St George HEAT. It is such a beautiful place and fun area to go and relax.

hApPy fAtHerS dAy

We spent FatheRs dAy up at Rick's parents house in New Harmony. The fallow deer just had new babies and the little pygmy goats are pregnant and due soon. Always something fun being added or being born up there.

dAvE's dEbUt FiGhT

Our friend Dave Bee got a chance to fight so we all went to show our support. (Sorry, the pics are terrible it was not dark enough for a flash but too dark without. I hate that.) So this is basically like the UFC type fights, it comes to St George and Dave not only entered and was featured in the paper, but he also kicked some &%$ and won. We are so proud of him. His cute little wife Kristin was shaking the whole time.

AnNa's wEdDiNg dAy pRep

I drove up to Kaysville last week for a visit and to help get things ready for AnNa'S wEdDinG. I didn't get to stay for the festivities because I had to work, but im glad I got to run up and help. My little brother has just come home from over seas (thank goodness!!) and I got to see my sister Sara just as pregnant as me. It is too fun to have our due dates so close!!

QuAiL lAkE

Its that time again... sUmMeR. Time to get out the boats and head to the lake. We are so lucky to have 2 lakes close enough that we can just run out after work. We got out to QuAiL a couple days this last week to test out the water and it was a good time.


We headed down to Mesquite last weekend for CasAbReWsaKe at the Casablanca. It was basically a big pool party. It was so nice to get to just hang out by the pool.

ConGrAts bRit and wHit

Rick's cousin Britany got married!! We couldn't be more happy for the couple. The ceremony was beautiful out on Rick's parents deck in New Harmony that overlooks the valley there. It was perfect weather. We are so excited to have Whit and his 2 darling little boys in our family. ConGrAts, bRit and wHiT!!

San DiEgO

We were suppose to be up in Moab for the bEar HuNt over Memorial Weekend, but because of some high school graduation schedules we decided it wasn't going to be worth the trip for those of us not shooting anything. So we decided to go to San DiEgo instead. It was an awesome idea! We drove down with Rick's mom and his G & G Benson. We decided that we are a pretty fun group. Checked out Coronado Island, some tide pools (cant go anywhere without finding some sort of creature), the swap meet, had the 1st showing of "the bump" at the pool and even had a fire on the bay to watch Sea World's fireworks. Such a fun trip!