Rick had a conference in sAn FrAnCiSco this week. I am so jealous. I love San Francisco! They even got to take in a YankEeS vs OakLaNd A's game. Too fun.


Rick was loading the chopper into his truck and he and John had to pick it up off the ramp to set it down into the bed. Well one heavy lift meant the end of these jeans. Rick was totally uNphAsEd by it. John and I were both laughing so hard and all Rick probably thought was "oh that breeze feels nice".

WasHiNgtoN dUneS

We went out to the dunes by our house for the day. Rick's brother Jeremy was in town with our old jeep and his other brother Kody has a new monster of a "rock-crawler" toy so we rode out to watch them play. It was so warm and sunny, but very windy.

fiShiN' aT bAkEr

We went out to good 'ol BaKer reServOir with Micah and Hannah. The weather is getting so nice that we're starting to get that campin' fever. We only got to stay the day and long enough for dutch oven dinner (thx Hannah!!) because of course I worked at 8 the next morning, but it was a fun 1st out.

kElLie piCkLer CoNceRt

Rick surprised me with tickets to the kElLie piCkLer concert at tUacAhn. It was so fun! We went with Shaun and Lindz and Chase and Season. She put on such a good show. Her voice is amazing! I really liked all of her songs, but she also sang one of my favorite Keith Whitley songs too. It was a super fun time.

eAstEr wEeKeNd

So for the one day I had off work, I got to hang out with my family. Luckily the weather warmed up enough to have a super nice day. Yes.... all these people are my immediate family. I have 4 sisters and 2 sisters-in-law, 3 brothers and 3 brothers-in-law, 6 nieces and 3 nephews. Wow, I know! We spent the day hiking and playing in SnOw cAnyOn sTatE PaRk, did a little swimming and ending with some delicious sushi and hibachi at SaMurAi. My niece was so funny. She was scared of the hibachi and had her ears covered the entire time.