JubiLeE oF tReEs

Well I had a horrible day... in and out of the dentist, yUcK. So Kendra and I had a girls night. We went and checked out the JubiLeE oF tReEs and had some dinner. Nothin' like spending time with my Bff to turn a frown upside-down. Thanks FrIenD.

sTaY tUneD.......

We're doing our "family pics" tomorrow. StaY tUnEd. I kind of started a tradition that we get them done every year for our anniversary. That way they are done and in perfect time to use for Christmas cards as well... 2 birds.

i LoVe FaLL

Rick is such a sweetie. I finally got a day off and so he took me up to Cedar for dinner and a movie and then we stayed the night at his parents cabin in New Harmony. It was so CoZy to build a fire and relax. I wish we would've had more time to hang out and enjoy the views. FaLL is in full force up there. I about died when we got to Cedar and there was snow. Yuck. Well its back to work, thanks for the quick get away bAbE.

tHriLLeR aT tUacHaN

Rick took me on a hot date for Halloween instead of dressing up this year. We went to see tHriLLeR aT tUacHan. It was so good! We stopped over at Rick's Grandma's to grab a blanket and say "hi". She is so cute she took some pictures of us while we were there. The pics at the show are terrible. Sorry!