Memorial Day Weekend

Since the forecast said bad weather we decided to go to California. We were suppose to go bear hunting in Moab, but bad weather there is snow in the mountains and that did not sound fun at all. We stopped in Vegas to pick up Rick's cousin Corey and his girlfriend Brandi. We stayed at Corey's brother Jace's house in Huntington Beach. Jace is so fun to stop and hang out with, but Rick and I usually just get to see him on our way to somewhere else so it isn't ever for very long. This was a nice long visit. We hung out in Huntington on Saturday. Had breakfast down at the beach and the boys played games all day while Brandi and I layed out. We had to make it at least look like we found sun. Sunday we all drove down to San Diego and went to the zoo. It was really fun. That area of San Diego is so amazing. I told Rick that we will have to go back and spend a couple days there. Monday we decided to go check out Hollywood before we headed back home. We had great time!


Rick's Dad rented Jeeps in Moab for all of the Titan Stairs employees. We had 14 jeeps in this little caravan. We had a lot of fun. It was perfect weather! There were a few close calls, but surprisingly no injuries.

tUrtLe bAy

sWimMinG wiTh sHarKs

I finally took our under-water camera in to develop. We got into a cage in the middle of the ocean surrounded by Galapagos Sharks. While we were in the cage the captain of the boat threw bloody fish in all around us to get them all riled up. I made sure my toes and fingers never crossed the bars. Rick on the other hand was trying to pet them all. He is crazy!

fAmiLy diNneR

Family dinner at Rick's grandma's house for his birthday. This is our favorite friend Cody. Cody is the best because we always end up with really funny stories to talk about because of random things that happen to him.


We are so lucky that we are so close to Zions. We like to ride through on the Chopper so we can see it all.


This trip was all about being a tourist. Poor Rick has already been twice, but the rest of us (with the exception of my dad) hadn't been yet so we wanted to see all the sites. We did just that, and then some.


Alaska was so beautiful. I liked fishing, but I loved the scenery. We fished for halibut and salmon and also went "clamming". It was a lot of fun. We got to see some moose and bears. The most wild thing about Alaska is that it never gets dark in the summer. Everyone there is awake nearly 24 hours because they want to take advantage of the sunlight.