oUr LiTtLe pUmpKiN

{hAyEs 12 wEekS oLd}

cArVing pUmpKiNs

Just a little pUmpKin cArvIng in New Harmony. Perfect fall weather to be outside and have a fire. I love this time of year at Rick's parents house. The fall colors are gorgeous.

hArvEst fEstiVaL


First time that I have been up to Cedar City for their annual HaRveSt feStiVaL. The parade was fun. Filled with horses, sheep camps and sheep. Aunt Lou and Uncle Brett were in the parade pulling one of his family's campers. The boys just had too much fun running around with each other.


Kastle has been such a little niNjA lately that I thought he would love to take kAraTe. He did! He was so cute and not too bad at it actually. It was more of Jujitsu than karate. They are so cute at this age. I was really proud of him. He hit the mat a couple times that made me think he would stand up crying, but he toughed it out.

pReSchOoL pUmPkiN paTcH

kAstLe'S preschool class went on a little field trip for some fall fun. They picked pumpkins, roasted marshmallows and were bobbing for apples. Such a cute trip! He is loving his darling teacher and has a smile on his face every time I pick him up.