hApPy aNniVerSaRy - 7 yEarS

hApPy aNnIverSarY, babe. You are my best friend and I have had too much fun with you for the last 7 years. I am so proud of you and the life that we've created together. Our little family is my whole world. I cant wait to see where we end up. Its for sure never about the destination, but the journey on the way. I love your sense of adventure. You are such a hard worker and the most amazing dad. Thank you for always taking such good care of me. I love you!

tHanKsgiVinG iN sT gEorGe

Grandma and Grandpa Benson hosted an amazing tHankSgiVinG this year in sT gEorGe. Delicious food and the best family. Kastle loved all his little cousins. He was in aw of the babies and made a little buddy. He and Kord were too cute together. We found them outside on the porch and Kastle was feeding Kord pie.

cHriStmAs TrEeS

We went up to New Harmony and got our ChriStMas TrEe before tHankSgiVinG dinner. Its getting to be slim pickins up there but we managed to find a couple good ones. Kastle had his first run in with a cactus, poor guy.

aNnivErsAry gEt aWaY

Rick had some deliveries to make in VegAs and phoEnix so we made a weekend out of it. We stayed in Laughlin for 2 nights and then stayed over in Vegas for a night as well. Kastle loves hotels and going swimming, but the weather was not cooperating and I didnt want him to be out in the cold with the cold he was fighting off. In Vegas Rick showed us where the airplanes fly in to land and they were flying right over our heads. It may have been a little too close for Kastle. He's never been good with loud noises. While we were in Vegas we decided to go over to Bass Pro Shop to show Kastle the animals and fish, there was even a meRmAiD in the fish tank. We were so excited that Santa was there for Kastle to see. It was a fun, much needed little get away for us. Happy 7 year AnNiveRsAry, babe. Love you!

FrIsbeY goLf

Nothing like a little friendly game of FrIsbEy goLf on a nice fall day.