nOrth ShOrE, a liTtLe mOre gOLf, peArL hArBoR

nOrtHsHorE is an all day adventure. We drive past China Man's Hat, Hukilau Cafe, the visitors center and the temple, Turtle Bay, crab beach, Matsumoto's shave ice and the shrimp trucks. 

I wasn't kidding, Kastle wanted to hit range balls almost every night. It was a perfect walk and a good activity to wind down after our busy days of running around.

PeArL hArBoR is such an amazing place to go to remember all the people who have lost their lives for us. I cant imagine what these people went through. I am thankful every day for the men and women that put their lives on hold to protect mine. 

cHiNatoWn, mAnOa fALLs, kOoLinA

 ChiNa tOwn - We saw some crazy stuff..... and then we ate it. ;) 
We had a little Ox tail soup, cuts of hanging meats and some fresh ahi poke.

We took Rick's mom to hike up to Manoa Falls. Such a beautiful hike! The trees look like they are out of the movie Jurasic Park. Its absolutely amazing how green and enormous everything is. Makes for a pretty hot and humid adventure, but at least its fun to look at.

KoOlina is such a fun beach to take Kastle and its close to being one of my favorites. I like to be able to sit up on the grass with the baby and still be able to watch Kastle play on the beach or in the water. Rick finds fun creatures and this time lost another battle with an urchin. Hawaii - 2 Rick -