FisHLakE - eLk hUnt

We went up to FisHLaKe with Rick's family for the eLk hUnt. We rented little cabins on the lake. It was gorgeous, the leaves were all changing for fall (my favorite time of year). It was fun to spend some time with the family and Rick was excited that he filled his tag.

cOyotE UgLy

I wanted to show the step by step of the extremes that a man will go to for a trophy. Rick not only hiked to the cOyoTe, but he crossed a river as well (in his regular clothes and flip flops, by the way). Boys are so strange.

nEwBorN pIcS

hApPy bIRtHdAy, kAstLe

Kastle Benson Trimmer born on September 9, 2011 at 10:50 pm. Here they are.... Errin got so many great and memorable shots for us. Also plenty that I dont want to remember... The delivery room is obviously not somewhere that I will ever be voted most photogenic. But what an awesome and sureal experience. Here we are, 4 weeks later and I am still baffled when I think that I am a mom. I hope I live up to the name.

tHe maNy fAcEs

1sT bAtH

1sT bAth.... Grandma made sure mom and dad knew what to do before she left.

kAstLe'S cUstoM cRiB

I asked Rick to build a crib for the baby and he was not totally on board with the idea. Any ladies out there that have a husband that is in an industry that we never get to see the fruits of??? Im like the plumbers wife with the clogged drain. Rick has never built me anything so I thought that a crib would be perfect. He asked his dad to help with the project and that got them both really excited about it. They did such an amazing job!