hApPy vALeNtinEs dAy

SurPriSe!!! We are pregnant! We went in for the 10 week today to hear the heart beat and talked her into a picture as well. Which is good because she said that from the size of it I am actually 11 or 12 weeks along. Yay. We are so excited!

JazZ vS cHicAgO

Rick and I were up at the JazZ game this week. I got these tickets because who didnt want to be there when Boozer, Brewer and Korver came out onto the court. It was a good game. Sad that we lost, (Jazz couldn't make a foul shot to save their lives) but it was neck and neck the entire game. Good game to go to for another reason... randomly, out of no where that night Jerry Sloan retired. We went with Rick's brother Jer and his wife Mer and their cute little baby Knox. He is getting to be at such a cute age. He was rockin' out and cheering the whole time.

2011 WinTeR X gAmeS


It was that time of year again, WinTeR X gAmeS. Rick and I have gone almost every year since we started dating. This year we had a super fun group of friends that came along with us. The actual games are in Aspen, CO but we like to stay in a place called Glenwood Springs (which is about 30 miles outside of Aspen) because there are so many fun things to do there. There is a natural hot spring that has been turned into a huge swimming pool/hot tub, one of the 10 largest cave systems in the world, a gondola up the mtn and a slide that shoots you back down the mtn. It is really a good time.

nEw yEarS eVe 2010

I feel like I am so behind on my posts. Well here is NeW yEarS eVe up in BriAnhEad. We had a blast but it was soooo cold!!! I think it was -14 or something like that. We got to see some old friends that happened to be up there as well so it was such a fun surprise. HaPpY nEw yEar!