AnoTheR YeAr.....

Another year older....... Obviously. Another year wiser....... Probably not.

Some "isms" for 27:
-Don't sweat the small stuff. Really! We hear it all the time, how often do we follow it
-If you can't change the outcome, don't even open your mouth
-If someone looks cute, tell them. Even random strangers, it will make their day. I know it would make mine.
-Frozen Totinos pizza is never a bad idea. Always keep at least 5 on hand!
-Start every day with good intentions. If you end the day with them, you have accomplished something.
-Don't have road rage, it doesn't make anyone go any faster.
-Tell the people that you love, that you love them.
-My closet will always be filled with clothes that I wear according to my ever changing weight gain and loss and gain.... etc. That is just how it will always be.
-If you get mad, get over it quickly. Why waste your time?
-Go back and look through old pictures whenever you get the chance. It is so fun to remember.
-One chick flick can fix any problem. A marathon however, will make you forget that anything was ever wrong.

FavOriTeS TaG

ice cream? coffee with heath bar
season? fall. love the colors love the clothes.
hobby? is it dumb to say blogging?
song? "Crystal" by Stevie Nicks
band? Chicago. really im not lying. greatest hits of '82
female artist? Sarah Mclachlan
male artist? I am into Josh Groban at the moment
place to hang? Barnes and Noble. does that make me a dork?
book? I read a lot lately. but in between regular books I love to read this vampire series. (yes they are cheesy "romance" novels) but they have great mystery plots.
blog? I think Staci. She has 2 kids, but still manages to keep her blog up to date. I love to check in on all of them though.
pastime? hanging out with my hubby. even if it is just to watch tv.
grade? no contest, 9th grade was my fav.
career? oh lord, anything other than what im doing right now.
color? fall colors.
date? I have tons of favorites, but the most surprising was sky diving. I had no idea until we got there.
flower? red lily
city/state? Seattle and Alaska. I didn't expect to love Alaska as much as I did.
movie? 80's chick flicks or anything with Audrey Hepburn
day of the week? who in their right mind wouldn't say the weekend.
person to tag? MalEa. She always does 'em too.

So copy the FavOritEs list and fill it in, then tag 5 of your FavOritEs that you want to hear from. I TaG: KenDrA, MalEa, LinDseY, StaCi, and AmY

In LoVinG MemOry

Rick's cousin Jared passed away on Sunday. I had the privilege of being friends with Jared a few years before I even knew Rick. What a small world it is. I don't think that I will ever listen to Sublime and not think of Jared. We are so sad for this loss.

JARED PRISBREY Beloved son, brother, uncle, grandson, nephew, fiance and friend, Jared Clark Prisbrey, 27, of Henderson, passed away June 14, 2009. He was born Jan. 20, 1982, in Cedar City, Utah, and was a 21-year resident of Nevada. Jared was an unbelievable athlete and played baseball for 20 years, including Henderson Little League, Basic High School and College of Southern Nevada. He was an electrician for 10 years and a talented perfectionist in the construction and mechanical trades. He loved his nieces and nephews, and his dogs, Torque and Ruffie. He was caring, funny, talented and unique. He had many friends and all those who knew him, loved him. Jared is survived by his parents, Kelly and Jill Prisbrey; sister, Necia (Rod) Martin; brothers, Jess (Liz) Prisbrey and Bryson Prisbrey; fiance, Mia Fregeau; grandparents, Jay and Georgia Prisbrey, Walt and Colleen Engle; nieces, Britten Martin, Claire Prisbrey; and nephews, Kyler Martin, and Mason and Maddox Prisbrey. Visitation will be noon-2 p.m. Friday, June 19, with service following, both at the Henderson Burkholder LDS Chapel, 1002 Burkholder Blvd.

WeLcoMe tO UtAh RenZ

AnGel'S LanDiNg
Ufc FigHtS

SaNd hOlloW
So our friends Nick and Renz drove into town from San Diego for the weekend. Renz has never been to Utah, so we gave him just a little sample. Of course SaNd hOlloW during the day on Saturday and a Ufc FigHt and BBQ at our house that night. My friend Nikki and a bunch of her friends from SLC were down too so we invited them to come along for some volleyball. The boys got crazy and broke out the lawn darts too. (are those even legal?) And what kind of friends would we be if we let Renz come to St George and not see Zions? Im just waiting for Nick to send me some pics of our hike at Angels Landing.


So I am sitting at home alone because Rick is out having a super fun time with all of his family at their fAmiLy ReuNioN this weekend. I couldn't go because I had to work. Yuck. I was scrolling through our pictures and ran across this one. I didn't even know that we had this picture because I had taken it with my camera phone (however many phones ago). I think it is so funny so I will tell you about it in case some of you don't know what this van is. This van was our HonEyMooN. We weren't planning a honeymoon because we closed on our house the day before our wedding so wasn't I surprised when I walked out (panicked that one of our cars would be trashed) and saw this. SuRprIsE! Rick had bought the van a couple months before the wedding and had been hiding it from me. He had a weekend road trip all planned and we drove it up to Salina, where we picked up Stella (another surprise) stayed in Bryce Canyon at Ruby's Inn one night and in Zions at the Desert Pearl another. Good times!