caLi pArT 2 - fOoD juNkiEs

DinErs, dRivE iNs and DiVes - BluE wAtEr sEa FoOd

mAn vS fOoD - LuCha LiBrE tAcO sHoP

uS, at BaLLbOa pArK piCkiNg tHe wiNnEr

So I have become a food network junkie. I love to watch the shows and Rick and I like to look them up whenever we travel and go eat at some of the restaurants that they have featured. This time we hit up the Blue Water Seafood shop that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and also just down the street from that is the Lucha Libre Taco Shop that was featured on Man vs Food. We got some delicious fish tacos and went to Balboa Park to decide which one we like the best. Well........... Blue Water is absolutely tasty and fresh, but the flavoring that they put on them at Lucha Libre made it the winner for us.

CaLi viSiT

bEaCh dAy

faMiLy piCtuRe pHotO-bOmbEd (thx Renz)

La JoLLa LoW tiDe

a WaLk tHroUgH bALboA

HaLLowEeN 2012

Cutest owl ever! I even put on his squeak shoes under his owl socks so that he squeaked when he walked. I made my nest.... aren't I crafty? And Rick made a pretty cute bird watcher.

SiLLy mOnkEy

This little boy is too funny. This is the base to his infant car seat and on 2 different occasions I caught him playing in it.

pLaYinG wiTh tHe coUsiNs

Kastle loves to play with his cUtE coUsiNs when they come visit. My sister and her husband did a bike race down here so Kastle and I got to play at the water park with his cousins. Little miss Hartley is 5 days older than Kas boy. She is so petite and such a girlie girl next to Kastle, but she showed him right up in the fountain. She would run right up to the spraying water. Kastle would cry if it touched him. ;)