cHicAgo - pArt 3

diNneRchIcAgO sTyLe 

bEsT breakfast ever, cHicKen and waFfLes

 FieLd MusEum

Our amazing view during our stay - thanks SteVe and Mo (and a proposal)


cHicAgO - pArT 2

cOoLesT waLgrEens..... eVer! Its an old bank.

 diM sUm in ChiNa tOwn

 wAteR taXi, best way to travel

 rIveR goes under/past some amazing buildings

 Our waLk on miChigAn aVe. The Tribune building has pieces of history set right into the side of it. Recognize this one?

 nAvY piEr


 Love and marriage, love and marriage.... "Married With Children" fountain, and other awesome landmarks