SanPetE cOuNty wiTh LiSha

I drove up to Sterling to hang out with my girl LiSha and her little munchkins. She lives in the coolest spot. Her house sits up in the hill above Palisades State Park, this cute little lake and camping/RV area. Had a good visit on the beach while Matt watched the kids. Friday Lisha showed me around the area... Manti, Mayfield, Gunnison and all that good stuff. Such cute little towns it reminds me of my hometown, Garland. That night was the SaNpEte cOuNty derby. We had the best view ever! The main seating looks straight across at the Manti Temple.... gOrgEoUs!! Thanks for such a good little visit guys.

LitTLe ViSit BiG fUn

After a great day of shopping, my sister Sara and I wanted to take the kids up to meet the LitTLe cHocOLaTieRs. My niece Tyler is actually really into TLC/Discovery shows so she already knew exactly who they were. (This post will be better when Sara has the time to finally send me the picture of the kids with the owner) Their shop is up in the Avenues so we thought it would be fun.

Had to take my mom to BacKerS and get some delicious mini cakes. I love this place. It actually worked out perfectly because it was my mom and dad's 36th anniversary. So cute!!! When else (other than always) would you need a fabulous little cake?

Andrea and me getting ready to go into the concert at Pioneer Park. This show was BIG BOI. It was a good time.
This place DownTown was on an episode of Man vs Food. Its just across the street from Pioneer Park where we were at the concert so Jesse had to have it and im so glad he did.... AwEsoMe!!!
So that was my fun little weekend up NorTh. I miss it so much. I was so excited to get to spend some time with family and a couple awesome friends. Thanks everyone for dropping everything to play with me.

cHeRry HiLL wiTh tHe fAm

I got some time off work to go visit my family up North. It was the first weekend of the DeEr hUnt and so that means Rick is M.I.A. so it was a perfect time to go play. I had such a fun weekend that I was so sad to have it end. On Friday we took the kids to ChErRy HiLL and got some much needed sun. Sara and her kids are so tan. It sucks to have to stand next to them. More pics and stories to come.


As of last night, Stella is a mommy again. She had 10 pUpPiEs!!! We lost the last one though, it was so sad. We tried our best to bring him back. But the remaining 9 are doing great. They are so cute.... of course, what else would they be? Stella is such a good little mom.

He aNd sHe TAG

1. Sitting in front of the tv, what is on the screen? Little People Big World or Deadliest Catch (most anything on that channel actually) / Grey's or anything "chick-ish" I guess
2. You're out to eat; what kind of dressing on the salad? Ranch / Ranch
3. Whats one food you each dont like? We're both pigs and pretty much love ALL food
4. You go out to a restaurant, what kind of drink? water / water or coffee
5. Where did you go to high school? Pine View / Davis
6. What is one phrase you each say all the time? "I's a good boy" / "Richard David"
7. If you were to collect anything what would it be? fishing or hunting supplies / shoes!
8. What is a favorite type of sandwich? Capastrami at Capriotti's or Beach at Jimmy J's for both of us
9. What would you eat everyday if you could? sushi / pasta
10. What is a favorite meal? eggs over easy, toast and bacon / my mom's fried zucchini or anything at Olive Garden
11. What would you never wear? who knows, he wears all sorts of things especially if it involves a bet or Halloween costume / a belly shirt
12. Favorite sports team? Not sure if he has one, but we both like to watch the Jazz
13. Who would you vote for? I don't think either of us ever has
14. Best friend? he says Stella / kENDrA
15. How many states you have lived in? 3 (NV, CA, UT) / 2 (UT, CA)
16. Does he have any nervous habits? I don't know if its "nervous" but when he is on the phone he paces / I bite my nails (and I hate it)
17. What could you each spend hours doing? hiking in the hills somewhere or xbox / shopping, reading, or watching movies
18. He/She: works hard AND plays hard / loves being involved in everything especially with family and close friends

I TAG: KenDra, LiNdsY, LiZ, LinDa and all of my SistErs

iCe cReAm mAn

Rick would hate that I put this on here, but I can't help it I love this picture. If you can't tell, its the iCe cReAm mAn. I am convinced that he comes by here at the same time every night because of RiCk. This picture is too cute with these little girls, but the best part is that Rick is such a sOftYand totally ended up buying theirs too.


Lindsy and I went to see CATS at TuaCaHn the other night. It was amazing! We had a blast. (Even though it is still 100 degrees at 10:00 at night) I can't believe how lucky we are to be able to see off-Broadway this cheap and easy.