Birthday Dinner

Rick's family came out to dinner with us for my birthday!

8 1/2 Months Pregnant

Rick and Amy!

East Canyon

After spending the weekend with my family and the two new babies, Rick and I went to East Canyon with Rick's brother Jeremy and his wife Meredith. We tried to catch crawfish to do a "Louisiana-Style Crawfish Boil" but it is still too cold for crawfish so we ended up buying shrimp. Rick and Jeremy kept us entertained though, crawfish or not. East Canyon is absolutely gorgeous right now too. It is totally green! The views are so pretty.

Happy 26th, Gina!

For my 26th birthday my family and friends sent me some fun things that they think about when they think of me:

1. When I was her age I would've loved to have had her figure, her looks, and her fun personality. Plus, she has Rick! What more could you ask for?
-Grandma Benson
2. As long as the shoe is cute, it doesn't matter what size it is.
3. As long as the shoe is cute, it doesn't matter how much it costs either.
4. Her sisters are her best friends!
5. As a child, cleaning her room consisted of shoving everything in between the mattress.
6. When Gina was 6 years old she was a fashion disaster! We had to literally wrestle her into her dress for church.
7. No one has as perfectly separated eye lashes as her.
8. She will defend her friends no matter what.
9. She will really fight a boy if she needs to (for letting air out of her bike tire maybe)
10. She likes a clean house. If you don't clean put a quarter in the jar or s#@% will hit the fan.
11. She LOVES jeans and has a ton of cute pairs.
12. She is a very LOYAL friend and is there for ANYTHING.
13. If you live below noisy neighbors there is nothing a broom can't fix to get things quiet.
14. Grilled cheese with jam on top.
15. Always stands up for what she believes in.
16. One HOT chick!
17. Way organized and knows when anything has been moved or touched.
(Can you tell we were roommates?)
18. Fabulous shoes!
19. Always seems happy and is really good with kids.
20. Perfection.
21. 4" FUNKY heels. I'm sure they double as weapons.
22. Gina is BLING. Her personality is BLING.
23. Wild over the top in everything funny.
24. Everything she does is more. She is a Party!
25. She pulls one leg up to her chest when she is eating at the table or counter.
26. She eats what she wants and doesn't work out and still can't find jeans that are small enough.
27. Perks Coffee
28. She has a "drawl". She sounds like she is from the South.
29. "Sex In The City" Gina reminds me of Carrie with all of her trend setting outfits and shoes.

Newest Additions

Welcome to our crazy family!
My new nephew, "Cannon Wade".
My new niece, "Talia Isabell".

Angel's Landing - Zions

This was quite the challenge. Rick got a wild hair on Saturday to go up to Zions and hike Angel's Landing. For those of you who have done this, "High Five"! It is a 5 mile steep hike. It is suppose to take you 4-5 hours. Rick and I did it in 3 1/2 which surprised me because we are pretty much old and lazy. The sites are spectacular and the narrow ridge with deadly falls on either side is frightening. Personally I think coming down is way worse than going up. So in the end, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into, but it was fun doing it. Angel's Landing.......Check!

enTeRprIse Res

Rick bought a new four wheeler so we decided to go up to Enterprise Reservoir and ride some trails and try to catch some fish. The trails were fun, but no fish. By the way, anyone notice the sweet "stache" Rick is rockin'? Isn't it lovely. Still in the bet....... Lucky me.