bIg jOhnS fLat - bEaVeR

We went up to Beaver Mtn. with Rick's Dad's side of the family this weekend. I have never been up there before. It is really gorgeous! We had a lot of fun riding up ontop of the mountain on the four wheelers. We saw plenty of deer and even some mountain goats.
It rained quite a bit, but we still managed to have a fabulous time!

Playing "Piggie"

These boys are playing a game that Rick's dad's side of the family invented. It is called "Piggie". Each player has a stick and a hole for the stick to go in. one person is the piggie and what that means is they have to try to hit the bottle/can into the center hole to score or steal one of the other player's holes while they try to keep the bottle/can away from the center hole. I think watching the boys was pretty funny and entertaining, but the girls got a lot more aggressive. Poor Syd is going to have some seriously bruised legs.

Congrats, Aaron and Julia!

My little brother got married this weekend! How cute is he? Well you don't know because I didn't take my camera, but I will get a pic to post. Rick and I drove up to Kaysville on Friday night and came back home Sunday afternoon. Quick trip! They were married in the Salt Lake Temple and then had the reception and a ring ceremony in Holladay in someone's backyard. It was so sweet! What a gorgeous yard to have a wedding in. It was so cute. I guess it is all so cute because it is my baby brother. Congratulations Aaron and my new sister-in-law, Julia.

LakE tAhoE

We're Back!! From our fun-filled week in Tahoe. We had a blast and made a lot of new friends. We rented a house in "the Keys" which means we were on the water and had the boat docked behind the house. To drive through the keys you ride in the boat and see all of the fabulous houses and boats people have there. We did a lot of fun things like floating the river (two different days), going to the casinos, hiking to a beautiful lake, 4th BBQ, watched fireworks from the boat on Lake Tahoe, and did plenty of relaxin'! We had a lot of laughs with our new friends and made some great memories.