faMiLy pIc tEaSeR

The darling photographer that did our pictures was sweet enough to send us a little sNeAk pEak already. I am so excited to see the rest I think she did an amazing job.

5th aNnuAL LaKe poWeLL tRip

Back from an amazing weekend in LaKe pOweLL. The weather was gorgeous and the company was excellent. The "Slip and Bleed" was in its best form and drew in a crowd every time it was in use. Loved soaking up some much needed sun. I cant believe that there is not one picture of Rick and me from this trip.

fArmEr fOr a dAy

We spent the night up in NeW haRmOny. Perfect weather for a little camp out on the deck under the stars and a huge full moon. Kastle helped his dad do all the chores. He loves to help feed the animals and collect the eggs. He is becoming so independent he always wants to do things himself. We sat around the fire and cooked some yummy ribs. Perfect little family night away.

hApPy biRthDay kAstLe




HapPy biRthDay to our big boy kAstLe! Our big guy is 2. I cant believe it. He is such a fun little man. He keeps us very entertained. Kastle's birthday fell on my day off and I was so excited to have the whole day to set up for his cute party. Little did I know that 1 hour before his party was suppose to start, it started to rain. We had to pack everything up in our cars and run like mad to Rick's Gma's church. What a nightmare! Because of Rick's amazing family, his party was darling and was a blast. The kids had room to run around like maniacs and it was chaos. They started out getting their passports and "flew" around to different cities. They went fishing in Alaska and folded paper airplanes to throw down the runway. Pin the Propeller in Seattle and threw darts to pop balloons somewhere too. I hope everyone had a good time. It is so fun for me to make it an event for my sweet boy.