hAyeS {10 mOnThs}

This guy is a on the move! He does not stop. He is pulling himself up on to everything. His top two teeth just cut through so he has a total of 5 teeth now. I love watching him try and play with Kastle. Kastle loves his baby brother. Im constantly telling him to be gentle because it looks like he's going to hug the life right out of him. He is a happy and smiley part of our lives.

mOaB - bEaR hUnt 2015

Of course, gorgeous scenery along the CoLorAdO rIveR

can you find the bObcAt in this picture?

6am on the mOuNtaIn is breathtaking

dInoSaUr tracks

Rick can spot anything. If its there, he will see it. I cannot! So thank goodness I have him to help me.

view of the La sAl mOuNtaIns from Arches

Didnt have to ask Rick twice to strip down and jump into the pond to find saLamAndErs

Seriously picture overload for this trip, im so sorry. I couldnt get over all the gorgeous scenery. Especially early morning when the sun was just coming up over the mountain that we were on. We go with Rick's family up to the La Sal Mountains which are above Moab. Not many people think of bear hunting when they think of Moab. We had so much fun up in the hills fishing, campfire and dutch oven diner, dinosaur tracks, salamanders, and spotting animals. We saw a bobcat on our drive up, saw bull, cow and baby elk and 6 bears {of course}. We also had so much fun down in town as well. We stopped in to check out the vineyard and "movie museum", ate at Zak's {best pizza ever} and hiked into the double arch at Arches. Rick surprised us by renting a Jeep for our adventure.