nEw yEaRs - bRiaNhEad pArt 4

bRiaNhEaD is our nEw yEaRs destination. It is a nice getaway and it is so close. We celebrated Corey's first year of running UnDaUntEd.

cHriStmAs 2012

Kastle was so fun this cHriStmAs!! He didnt quite get the whole "open the present" thing but he totally understood that he was getting fun new toys. He LOVED and still loves his "BBALL" the best. He shoots hoops and surprisingly enough he is a great shot. He says "nice shot" when he makes a basket and "almost" when he misses. Its so cute.

HaPpy aNnivEsAry, BabE

Rick took me to VegAs for our 6 yEaR aNnivErsAry. We got to hang out with Marissa and Cody and we all got our hand VERY dirty trying to eat at Hot & Juicy. Its crab and crawfish and it was so yummy. Fun night away, thx babe I love you. hApPy 6 yEarS!