A little staycation to Vegas with these cute boys. We stayed at the SilVeRtoN this time so that the boys could see the aquarium and all the animals in the BaSs pRo sHoP
Also got to mix it up with some Peking Duck buns and Johnny Rocket burger and fries

5tH aNnuAL eLk hUnt

We took the boys out for a ride down to the LakE while we waited for the rest of the group to get in. Fall was in full force! These gorgeous leaves and the crisp fall air did not let me down. I absolutely love FaLL

The boys and I rode along with Grandma and Grandpa to road hunt. No elk, but we did spot a bEaVer pond and plenty of beautiful scenery.

We drove out to bRyCe cAnyOn to have lunch and check out the park

"from a hunter's eye" Rick took some pictures from the tops of the mountains that he climbed. Utah is gorgeous!

In the end. Im sad that we didnt get a picture with the whole group. Its hard to catch hunters. Early to bed and sUpeR early to rise 

SaN dIegO

We didnt do it on purpose, but we managed to go to SeA wOrLd on all of our birthdays this year. Kastle is finally big enough to ride some rides and Hayes was too cute at the interaction pools. We are a sEa wOrLd family.


Kastle has been begging to go to ChUckY cHeEse. Im glad we went to this one for our first time. We had a blast, its really is where a kid {dad} can be a kid. 

Absolutely perfect day at the bEaCh! Hot hot hot! Renz helped Kastle and Rick give surfing a try. Kastle found some LIVE sand dollars. Very cool, I had no idea they were purple.

We grabbed some lunch at LucHa {my fav!} and headed over to BaLboA pArk for a picnic and a lovely Sunday stroll