Wow... LetS pLaY thE coMpaRe gAme

sUmMer 2011

SumMeR 2010

K gals, there it is.... Gina - pre baby and Gina - mid baby. Oh I really hope I fit back into all my clothes. A girl that I work with has me so scared. I told her that I put on a pair of my heels to wear for my maternity pics and they were so so too small. She was very reasuring when she said... "Yeah, I went from a 6 to an 8" I thought for sure no matter what I would always have my shoes. This may not be the case anymore.

mAteRniTy piC tEaSeR

Thx again, Errin. Your the best! I can NOT wait to see the rest!

GreAsE aT tUacAhN

We went and saw GrEaSe aT tUacAhN we some of Rick's family for Rick's Grandma Jackie's birthday. It was so fun! It was a cute production (a little different from the movie tho). But I really dont care what it is, I just love going to see anything. The actress playing Sandy could've passed for "Olivia Newton John" herself, but the actor playing Danny was by no means any "John Travolta". HapPy bIrtHdAy, Jackie!

LakE pOweLL - 4tH oF jULy

Perfect weather, perfect water! Great 4th of July at Powell! We didn't quite have our full usual group, but Nick and Jen came out from San Diego and my brother Kirk and his wife Ashley came down from Salt Lake so it was a blast. We even had some crashers, a couple from Texas that just moved to St George heard we were going and they tagged along and they were awesome. Of course Rick started out the trip with a shoulder injury. He just cant handle a 4th of July without using our insurance (that starts over on July 1st every year).

HapPy 29th GiNa

Wow! One year away from the big 30. Its so weird that I dont feel any older than I did at 23 (I certainly look older). Im sure its because I haven't really advanced in life as far as kids and big milestones yet when compared to the normal 29 year old in Utah. Dont get me wrong I would not change anything. We have gotten to do so many fun things and Im glad that we are moving into the next big adventure with baby #1 almost here, but its weird to think that when I was 20 I thought 30 would feel so different, but it really doesn't. Once your past high school or even college, life just kind of blends into itself. It all just becomes a blur. Blur or not, at least I know I've had 29 years worth of good times!