wALdRoN tHanKsGiviNg

Rick and I took Kastle up to KaYsviLLe for his very 1st ThaNksGiviNg. We had a good crowd even though we were missing about half of my brothers and sisters. We were so glad that my Grandma and Grandpa Manning could be there with us and that I got to get a picture with them holding Kastle. It was a very HapPy tHanKsGiviNg.

KaStLe's bLesSiNg

We had kaStLe bLesSeD this last fast sunday. We had it up in New Harmony. Rick's mom was so good to put up my family that came down for it. We had such a fun visit with all of them. My dad gave the blessing and Kastle was so good, he didn't make a peep. Rick's grandpa Benson (who Kastle is named after) said that he took a peek during the blessing and Kastle was staring right at him smiling. What a little sweet boy.

kAstLe'S 1st hAllOWeEN

TriMmEr dAiRy

GoT MiLk?

I found this cute little cow costume at Tj Maxx (I think before he was even born) and it just felt totally appropriate that I be the dAiRy (lets face it ladies.....that is really all I am these days). We went with Rick's grandma to her ward's TrUnK or tReAt and had a fun time handing out candy.

PBR - LaS vEgaS

PbR fiNaL - LaS vEgaS
Rick's mom is a big fan of PBR so we all went down to Vegas and watched a great show. Afterwards Rick and I talked his family into trying sushi at our favorite place in town. It was so yummy.

AhhHh.... FaLL

cUteSt pUmKiN eVeR!

LaDieS niGhT aT mCdoNaLds

I was up in kAysViLLe for a nice long visit with my family while Rick went hunting. While I was there I got to see the gals. We had a sweet LaDieS niGhT! (oh, at Mcdonalds... with all the kids) And that is how the mommies roll, gotta love it. It was so fun to catch up and we even had a special surprise to see Emily. She was in town from South Dakota and stopped over. I had a great time.