bOys dAy OuT

kAstLe was so excited to go golf with daddy like the big boys do. He got to ride in the cart and golf all 9. Mom sat out, but I can tell that they had an amazing day together. Kastle's faces are priceless.

diXiE rOunD uP tImE

hAyEs got his first taste of the rodeo scene. It was a fun night. Kastle loved to see all of the cowboys and cowgirls and the "buckin bulls" He cheered them all on. Grandpa Kendall made sure that he was the center of attention and he loved every minute of it. Thanks for a fun night G'ma and G'pa Pris.

........pArT 2

kAstLe'S piRaTe pArtY - pArt 1

1sT dAy oF pResChoOL

My baby is not my baby anymore. I cant believe we are already doing this. Kastle has been so excited to start school. He was absolutely the most excited about having a backpack. It is so fun and sad to see him growing into this cute little boy. Since Hayes was born its like Kastle has taken on a whole new role. He is absolutely not a baby anymore. He is so smart and funny. My big boy.