HoT DatE

Rick got the LtD all legal and running. We decided to go out on a hOt dAtE. This car is so funny. Every time we drive it we catch people taking pictures. I guess I would too. How often do you see a DiRt bIkE on a car?

LaKe pOweLL





This was such a fun year and what a fun group. Our LaKe pOweLL trip is just growing each year. Great time with the new slide, around the campfire, slot canyons and getting over to the marina to enjoy some air conditioning ;)

DixiE RoUnd uP rOdEo

Its diXiE rOuNDuP time again. We love going to the rodeo (who doesn't). Rick's parents have not missed a DiXie RoUndUp for the last 30 years. That is awesome!

fAreWeLL tO My bABy bRotHeR

I got to spend a long weekend up at my parent's house to hang out and help get my bAby bRotHeR ready for his mission. My parents are finally out of children! Matt is the last of 8. Thank goodness KirKiE's cute wife AsHLeY will be there for them to fuss over. We got to celebrate Matt's 20th birthday while I was there and my dad also had tickets to the GrEeK fEstIvAL in Salt Lake. It was a fun time. Good luck in St Louis Matt, love ya!

cRazY fOr YoU

dAte NigHt with Lindsy at tUaCaHn
Lindsy and I went out to tUaCahN to check out "cRaZy fOr YoU". It was such a fun show! It was totally upbeat. I am such a dork and seriously caught myself like tapping my feet and then stopping and thinking "oh, im in public". Too much fun. I recommend this one if you can make it out to it.

sAn diEgO

Rick and I just got back from sAn dIeGo. Rick had to make a delivery for UnIteD wOoD so we stayed a couple more days to hang out with Nick and Renz in San Diego. Went to sEa wOrLd, did some shopping, spent the day at the beach and, of course enjoyed some PB night life. Super good time.