Abc'S oF Me tAg...

A- Age: 27
B- Bed size: Queen
C- Chore you hate: None, I love cleaning my house and doing laundry. (Everyone that just threw up... remember, there is only 2 of us still)
D- Dog's name: Stella
E- Essential food/item: frozen tostinos pizzas
F- Favorite color: it changes for what mood or season, but I love driving to see fall colors
G- Gold or silver: both
H- Height: 5'6"
I- I am: a ticking clock
J- Job: 911 dispatcher
K- Kids: none yet, but guess what....there is finally talk
L- Living arrangements: uncluttered, I can't stand anything on the counters or on the floor (Rick is constantly making little piles though)
M-Mom's name: Evelyn
N- Nickname: gene or jiner (not kidding)
O- Overnight hospital stay: none for me, but I have stayed overnight w/ Rick
P- Pet peeve: oh where do I begin.... back bitting! Just say it to who you want to say it to, or don't say it at all
Q- Quote from a movie: "Its like...........magic" Sleepless in Seattle
R- Right or left handed: Right
S- Siblings: 7 - Amy, Sara, Katie, Aaron, Kirkie, Anna, Matt
T- Time you wake up: depends on when I work... but even sleeping in, up by 9 ish (again, don't throw up...remember no kids yet)
U- Unique thing about your car: We both have stickers all over them. That's a Rick thing, but now I love it
V- Vegetable you hate: I love them all, but least fav is broccoli
W- Ways you run late: either deciding what to wear or doing my hair
X- X-rays you've had: just teeth, too many
Y- Yummy food you make: there's not much to pick french dip ever, yum.
Z- Zoo favorite: I love love love the San Diego zoo. Mostly the bus ride around the whole zoo

I tAg: KenDra, kAtiE, aNnAleE, liNdA, MaLea and mElaNie (get on it!)

WeLcoMe tO tHe wOrLd

kNox EllwOoD LEiLa mArIeThe new TriMmeRs, welcome to the world. These 2 cousins were born just a few days apart. We are so excited that our numbers are finally growing.

wEekeNd aWay

Woke up SuNdaY to a WinTeR wOndErlAnd
SaTurDay nIgHtSatUdAyWe wanted to get out of town, but we only have the couple days to do it so Rick's parent's cabin is the perfect little wEekeNd aWay. We went out with AlYsSa for a bit to shoot. It was the calm before the storm out there. The mountains were all covered with fog and as you can see, it looked awesome. The snow started to come in at dark and the flakes were huge. Dont ask me why my husband decides thats when he wants to build a fire and make smores.

bAd daY, gOoD eNdInG

I was not having a good day yesterday. But after 8 hours of "I can't take it anymore" I got off work at midnight and came home to some daisies from my cute husband. Thanks babe. You are a sweetie.

HonEsTy tAg...

The rules are: Post 10 honest confessions about yourself, then tag 5 people to do the same.

Everyone probably knows all this about me, but here it goes.....

1. I can absolutely eat a whole large pizza by myself.
2. I have to put on my pajamas if im just hanging at home.
3. My car has to be clean on the inside. It usually goes for the outside too, but inside for sure. I even sit and wipe things when Rick's driving.
4. I really regret that I haven't finished my degree yet. I have got to get on it.
5. I get physically sick if anything touches my bellybutton. Thank goodness for low rise jeans.
6. I hate, hate, hate it when my duvet comforter buttons come undone overnight. Rick sticks his arms through and it tears the button holes.
7. Before we go to bed, I have to make the bed so the sheets are all straight.
8. I never used to read, but I totally love it now. I have no problem wasting a whole day to read a good book. (Do it before the kiddos come, right)
9. I can't stand anyone touching my face. Rick does it on purpose cause it freaks me out.
10.The first step to an addiction is admitting you have a are my problem. I love shoes! (Who doesn't?)

I tAg: kEndRa, aMy, StaCi, BrIttaNy, and aMbeR..... c'mOn Now.

sUpeR BowL sUndAy

We had the SuPer bOwl party at our house again this year. I was cheering for the CoLts because I like the Mannings, but honestly I don't know anything about football. I really don't think I saw more than 3 minutes of the game. It was a good time.

gHetTo fAbuLoUs mEsQuiTe

Cant beat BinGo and bOwliNg in Mesquite! Super fun way to kick off Lori's birthday weekend. The picture quality is about as good as it gets considering its my phone camera. I totally got in trouble for taking pics at biNgO, too. (Yeah, like im planning the world's most awesome heist at bingo in Mesquite...get real) We had a great time and in case anyone is wondering, Lori and I beat the boys in bowling.

ConGrAts....KiRkiE aNd aShLey

My cute baby brother just got married today. He will be going to Iraq in May so they put together a perfect little intimate gathering at my parent's house. I couldn't be there so they put me on speaker phone so I could listen and my sister sent me these pics (pretty good for camera phone,thx Sara) so that I could see the darling couple. Here they are with my mom and dad and with grandma and grandpa. Im so happy for you both. Welcome to our family, Ash.


PhaNtoM oF tHe oPerA

This last weekend Rick and I were dying to get out of town so we went to Vegas with our good friends Shaun and Lindsey. We stayed at the fabulous Palazzo, did some shopping and got to go see pHantOm. Great weekend! Thanks guys, we had a blast.

Got tO Go viSiT GraNdMa aNd gRaNdPa

I happened to get a few days off in a row so I got to go up to Salt Lake 2 weeks ago and see my family. Better even, I got to go way up North and see my grandma and grandpa. Im so glad I got a chance to get up there. It has been too long between visits. I miss my sweet little nieces and nephews so much. Each time I see them they've changed so much.