thE mEaniNg oF a doLLaR

This boy was so excited to go to the store and buy his own pOwEr wHeEL. I cant believe how big he is! He has taken a real interest in earning money lately. We took him in with his PiGgy bAnk to open an account, when the teller got done counting all his money we told him that they were going to keep it all there in an account. Kastle was not ok with that idea and decided that he would rather keep it himself. Too funny, totally understand buddy.

teAchiNg hAyeS tO goLf

cLarK cOunTy fAir

We had a blast at the cLarK coUntY fAir this year. We got to camp this time and hang out with Rick's parents and grandparents. The boys are getting to be at such a fun age for these kinds of stops.


Had a fun EaSteR playing with cute cousins. Had Easter egg hunts in New HaRmoNy and at hOme, colored eggs and even made some deviled eggs {first time for me}

sAn dIeGo... soMe bEacH, sOmeWheRe

Another absolutely fabulous trip down to sAn diEgO. the sun was hot and shining and we took full advantage. Lots of beach fun and tide pools and of course SeA wOrLd {our favorite} Also caught a glimpse of some mommy sea lions and their babies right up on the beach.