aLasKa ZoO

The aLasKa zOo is one of our favorites. It is a zoo that is built in and around and made out of all the the natural surroundings. It feels like you are just taking a stroll through an aLasKan forest, checking out all of the wildlife. We did not look our best {been in the car all morning} but that didnt stop us from having a blast. "Messy hair, dont care

tHe dRivE.... no photo can do it justice.

dEnaLi tO sEwArD

We stayed at the most beautiful lodge in DeNaLi. It was along the river and set just outside of the park

seWaRd was not originally on our itinerary, but im so glad that we added it. It is such a sweet little fishing town. We saw some moose hanging out in some lilipads and met a guy just out walking his reindeer.
Caught a show, watching one of the local guides bringing in and hanging up all of the day's catch and enjoyed some amazing fresh seafood.

aLasKa - pArT 1 {AnchOraGe to fAirBaNks}

the journey is just as important as the destination. Had plenty of fun just getting to ALasKa.

stopped to check out the IdiTarOd tRaiL and sled dogs

Had lunch in a the adorable little town of TaLkeeTnA. Known for its view of Mt McKinley {Denali}. We were lucky enough to have such a gorgeous day that we could see the summit. {normally only seen 1 out of 7 days}

fAiRaNks, when else are you going to see the pIpeLiNe?