dIxiE rOuNduP

These cute little "cowboy butts" most definitely drive me nuts. They are the cutest!
We would have to be out of town or dead to miss the DiXie rOuNduP. We cant get enough of a good rodeo and this one is the best!

rApTor's Eye cUpCaKeS

I asked Kastle what treat he wanted to take to his class for his birthday and he said "cupcakes that look like a raptor's eye". Well alright!

sOuThErn cALi hEre wE cOme

Our last SHAMU show at SeaWorl in San Diego. We wanted to make sure we saw it one last time before they closed it down. We absolutely love taking our kids to SeaWorld and introducing them to things that they would otherwise never be able to see.

One of our favorite things to do in San Diego is have a nice fire on the beach. We got together with Jessica's whole family and had a lovely picnic and fire on the beach. The kids even roasted us all marshmallows for s'mores.

The weather was so nice that we took a little trip out to Coronado Island to play at the beach and do a little shopping. The kids took some down time to play in their adorable Tava Adventures Passports right at the Coronado Hotel. Rick even found his outfit for our Vow Renewal in Hawaii

We took the long way home this time and drove up to show the kids Santa Monica Pier. We played in the arcade, rode on the ferris wheel, had our name painted by an artist on the boardwalk and even ate at a very fancy seafood restaurant.   

LaSt yEaR oF pRe K

This kid is getting too big... and way too smart for his own good. He is my little sweetheart! He definitely has some sass to him {he is my son after all} but anything can be fixed with a nice long hug. He loves to socialize, but he also likes to keep the class on schedule. Too funny. Love this kid. I am going to miss him so much when he goes to full day school.

dAtE wIth mOm

This big guy is about to start his 3rd year of PreScHoOL! I cant believe what a tall, smart handsome little man I have. He got to choose what we did on our date together and he chose pizza and fIesTa fUn.

iRon cOuNtY fAir

We love a good small town fair. Hayes especially enjoyed this because he got to ride the pony. IroN cOuNty fAir is an annual event for us.