mErRy cHrisTmAs

cHriStmAs sUrpRisE

Let everyone in on our little sEcRet on cHriStmAs eVe. Mommy's due with baby #2!!! We're so excited!

LivE nAtiVitY

cHiLdreN's muSeUm

We went to the new sT gEorGe cHiLdreN's mUseuM for Krew's birthday. The kids all had a blast. This is a really fun place to take them.

sNoW dAy

I never heard what the actual total was, but the storm right after this one gave us 6-8 inches. It was a mess! We are not prepared for weather like this in St gEoRgE. Kastle was pretty cautious of the snow. He didnt appreciate it when Rick layed him down in his snow angel. Takes after his mamma.