PerFeCt eNdiNg

Thanks to all my fabulous family and friends for helping me celebrate my birthday all weekend. I had to work on my birthday and RicK surprised me at work with Olive Garden and a dozen roses. PeRfeCt eNdInG to an awesome birthday weekend. Thanks babe, love ya!

BirThDaY diNnEr

We had such a fun night on friday for my BirThDaY. Rick's present was the cutest thing ever. He bought me an oyster!?!? I had to open it and everything. So when I finally got through all the yuck of it there was a pearl. Aw, so cute. So he's going to put it into a ring for me. I just never know with him. It is always a surprise. Thanks for the fun biRtHdaY guys!

28 fOr GiNa'S 28tH

Here are 28 random things about my wife (that you may or may not know) Happy 28th babe, love Rick


1) Cant boil water
2) Has to make the bed to go to sleep at night
3) Cant stand when I put fingerprints on the crome in the car
4) Always gets my back, even when I’m usually wrong
5) Wipes the screen of her phone every five seconds.
6) Dips her toast in her over easy eggs
7) Cant function without a cup of coffee
8) Is always game for what ever I throw at her
9) Rarely complains about anything
10) Is just as happy with $5 as she is with $5K
11) Lived in New York for a summer.
12) Spends more on clothes than the entire GDP of Guam
13) Loves unconditionally
14) Might keep her around (her hand and foot skills are spot on)
15) Thinks that #2 Diesel is only at pump 2
16) Thinks the holes in the sandstone cliffs at Powell are from goats.
17) Introduced me to my obsession: SUSHI
18) Has killed a deer!
19) Reads a book a week
20) Blogs 24/7
21) Cant sleep without the TV on
22) Always has somebody elses baby in her arms (I know what your thinking!)
23) Delivered puppies, and has become a dog person (Ah Stella)
24) Works hard, plays hard.
25) Would also rather be on a trip than home
26) Would rather eat Olive Garden above all else
27) Loves going to Movies
28) Cant stand me touching her belly button

pRisbReY PetTiNg zOO

Ricks family all got together for a BBQ up in NeW hArmOny. I haven't been able to go up there at all lately so this was the first time I got to see the new miniture goats. Lucky for us too, the fallow deer just had 2 babies the night before. They weren't even walking yet. I swear Jan and Kendall might as well charge admission for the pEtTinG zOO they have.

bEaR hUnt - VidEo

This video isn't the best quality cause its just my camera camera. You have no idea how loud these hounds are when your right next to them. Some people had ear plugs in. Its really cool. The bear will stay up the tree while the dogs are around so you have to pull them off and take them away to let the bear to come back down.

MoAb bEar hUnT

Another year of BeAr hUntiNg in mOab. It was a quick trip for Rick and me, but we did get to see the final Bear of the season. I think the group ended up getting 5 or 6, but they camp for the whole month. We made it up for Memorial Weekend. It was such perfect weather!! We've been up there other years with rain and snow, but this weekend was sunny.