sNeaK pEaK, tHanKs eRrIn

Isnt Rick's face PriCeLeSs? Thanks Errin! Cant wait to see the rest.

He's HeRe!! kAstLe bEnsOn tRimMeR

We finally got to meet our little guy on SeptEmBeR 9, 2011 at 10:50 pm ....(after about 20 hours of labor) 8 lbs 5 oz 20 1/2 in. It was a tough journey, but mom and baby are both finally home and settling in. KaStLe was taken to the NICU after being born. His amniotic fluid was filled with meconium and the NICU team was in the room to make sure that he didn't get any into his lungs. Also, near the end of the delivery I got a fever so they assumed that kAstLe would have one as well (and he did) so he didn't get to room with mom and dad. I was released after the 48 hours but baby had to stay another night and wait for all the final test results. It is a very emotional experience to have to see your baby all hooked up to monitors that have alarms going off on them every 7-10 seconds. We are so happy to be home with the new addition to our family.

BabY sHowEr - sT gEorGe

My darling cousin Tara threw me a shower in StGeOrgE for all of my wonderful friends. It was such a fun shower and we had the yummiest food. I have an awesome group of ladies (and Cody) down here that cant wait for this little guy to arrive.