uP, UP, aNd aWaY

Rick got to go take a ride in a hEliCoPteR with one of his friends. He got an awesome biRd'S-eyE view of the county. I am so jealous! (of everything except waking up at 4 am) I told him that I want to go next time. We are so lucky in Southern Utah, every direction is gorgeous views. From top to bottom: My cute hubby (of course), my work SGPD, Snow Canyon, Ivins cliffs, Rick's parent's property in New Harmony, Kolob 5 Fingers and Redcliffs. So fun!

itS tHat tiMe AgaiN

Our sweet little doggie sTeLLa will be having another batch of puppies in a couple of weeks. This is a picture of the group she had 2 years ago. Aren't they the cutest ever? Let me know if you know anyone that is interested.

24th cELeBraTiOns

Some of Rick's family got together for a 24th of July BBQ. We all went to New Harmony and had a bbq/picnic down in the field. The boys set up a game of FrIsbEy gOlf and got pretty competetive. We got to see Leila and Knox 5 months older and next to each other to compare. They are only 5 days apart. Growing that TrImMeR tree one baby at a time.

LAkE pOweLL - 1st "sLip & bLeEd"

After we got back from TahOe we got to jump in the car with Rick's parents and head to LaKe pOweLL for the weekend with some of Rick's family. It was great weather because it was hot and sunny (of course) but we had some cloud cover and some rain to cool it off a bit too and we got to see waterfalls coming down off the cliffs. I have never seen that at pOwEll before and it was awesome. I felt so bad for Rick though. He couldn't get in the water at all because of his stitches. We got pretty creative trying to float him out into the water backwards to cool him off.

sTitChEs!! aGaiN!!

Well I guess it wouldn't be a vacation/holiday if Rick didn't end up in the ER for something. Of course! I swear, Rick has now had stitches like 30 times in his life! How is that something that really happens? He is my special little guy. He was getting out of the boat and caught his toes between the metal boat cleat on the dock and tore open the webbing between his toes. OuCh!! A visit to the (freezing cold) ER, 3 1/2 hours and 6 stitches later.

LakE tAhoE - 4tH of jULy

We had such a fun week in LakE taHoE and spent some time with some good friends. Had the annual 4th of JuLy BBQ at Erin and Jesse's, firework show from the boat on the lake, relaxed on the beach, and hiked around EcHo LaKe. So glad we got to go back again this year.