hApPy 24tH

A little parade in Washington, playing with cousins, BIG dinner up at the barn in New Harmony, a little horseback riding and some fireworks. Perfect family 24th! hApPy piOneEr DaY. (38 wEek buMp)

bUmP uPdaTeS

18 wEekS 

24 weEkS

28 WeEks

30 wEeKs

35 weEkS

37 WeeKs
Well it has been quite the adventure growing this new baby boy. I cant believe how different this pregnancy is from Kastle. Obviously your 1st is going to be filled with so many "unknowns" and for me it was alot of sitting at the computer on google. BabyCenter was my go to for all questions about the many amazing and sometimes horrifying changes taking place in, on and around my body. From what I can remember, Kastle was a very mellow baby. He didnt move much. He was so chill and it is so funny that that is exactly his personality. This baby however is a mover! All the time all over the place. He is so strong! From the beginning I just knew that this was a girl (I was wrong) because everything was so different. I was not sick at all with Kastle and I was definitely not in this much pain. I swear this boy has taken up permanent residency in my pelvic bone. Did I ride a horse all day today? Oh no, thats just my baby rolling over every bone and nerve ending that I have. I got so so swollen with Kastle and have not at all with this baby (thank goodness). We are on the very last week and it is moving as slowly as it possibly can. With Kastle I had not progressed at all so I really wasn't expecting him but with this little guy I am a 2 and 70% and all sorts of other signs that should have pointed to baby coming out. Yeah right! My kids just settle right in and get comfortable for the long haul. My mom and dad leave for their 2 year mission on my due date Aug 3rd and I really hope this boy makes an appearance before that so that they can try to meet him.

swiMmiNg to pAsS tHe tiMe

kAstLe'S 1sT tUacAHn sHow - The Little Mermaid

We took Kastle to see the LiTtLe mErMaId at tuAcaHn. He was such a big boy! He sat through and watched the whole thing like a champ! It was a gorgeous night too. Only time at Tuacahn that I haven't had a heat stroke ;)

uNitEd wOoD bBq - nEw hArmOnY

Rick invited his employees and their families up to the ranch as a little thank you for all the hard work. They have been busting out a really big job and they are all worked out so it is time for a little R&R. All the kids got to feed the animals, fish and collect eggs. We did some fishing, had some good food and made smores with the biggest marshmallows that I have ever seen. Thanks for everything, uNitEd WoOd! Here's to an amazing year.

bEaVeR mTn

On our way home from KaYsviLLe we met Rick in bEaVeR so that we could go up the mOunTaiN to stay over night with his mom and grandparents. It was so so so nice to get out of the heat. It was perfect!

a fUn kAysViLLe 4tH oF JuLy

I took Kastle up to kAysViLLe to show him how the 4tH oF JuLy is really suppose to be done. I have been so homesick for the 4th with my family. We were so sad to leave Rick home to work, but we had so much fun with my family and all of Kastle's cute cousins. My parents leave in 2 weeks to the MTC for their mission to the Marshall Islands so it was really nice to spend some time with them. We're hoping we get one more visit when this new baby boy gets out here, before they fly out.