CaLi viSiT

bEaCh dAy

faMiLy piCtuRe pHotO-bOmbEd (thx Renz)

La JoLLa LoW tiDe

a WaLk tHroUgH bALboA

HaLLowEeN 2012

Cutest owl ever! I even put on his squeak shoes under his owl socks so that he squeaked when he walked. I made my nest.... aren't I crafty? And Rick made a pretty cute bird watcher.

SiLLy mOnkEy

This little boy is too funny. This is the base to his infant car seat and on 2 different occasions I caught him playing in it.

pLaYinG wiTh tHe coUsiNs

Kastle loves to play with his cUtE coUsiNs when they come visit. My sister and her husband did a bike race down here so Kastle and I got to play at the water park with his cousins. Little miss Hartley is 5 days older than Kas boy. She is so petite and such a girlie girl next to Kastle, but she showed him right up in the fountain. She would run right up to the spraying water. Kastle would cry if it touched him. ;)

pAngUiTcH - eLk hUnT

tHe dRivE

ThE cAbiN

cUtE cOusInS

tHe hiLLs

tHe hUntEr and hiS gAmE

We stayed in PaNguItcH LaKe for this eLk hUnT. Rick found a beautiful cabin for us to stay in and we got to hang out with all of our favorite people. Kastle had so much fun playing with his cute cousins too.