MaiN sT wAtEr pArk

My sister Amy came down to St George with her kids so we met them at the MaiN sT wAteR pArK. It was a perfect day! I could not get KaStLe to look at the camera to save my life. He and his cousin Taya were so cute together. Take a look at them next to each other tho.... she is 5 months older!! She is so petite and he is a chunk. ;)

ThUndEr oVeR uTaH - UndAuNteD dEbUt

bLuE aNgeLs - sT gEorGe, uT 03/17-03/18

For those of you that dont follow me on Facebook, but do check in from time to time on my blog, Rick started a new business. (BIG sUrpRiSe, right?) He has wanted to create a clothing line that actually means something. To make a brand that we can all be proud to wear. Introducing "Undaunted Apparel" A clothing line that has military inspired designs, quality fabric (so that I would approve of/wear it), and donation of sales that go to military charities. Our debut show was at the Blue Angels Air Show in March. We were so touched by the stories of military families and the support they gave us. We were able to write a check and present it that next week to the 222nd in Cedar City. It was awesome! Make sure you like it on FB and check out designs at undauntedclothing.com