QuiCk tRiP to pHoeNix

MiLL aVe

DriVe hOme, sAw alOt oF caCtUs.....

tOoK a LoOk aT LeE's fErRy......

aNd thE cLiFf dwELLeRs.

Rick had some business in PhOeNix and I had the days off so I tagged along. Super fun time! Quick trip, but we still had a blast.

BarJ wRanGleRs cHriStmAs ShOw

I surprised Rick with tickets to the BaR J WraNgLeRs the other night. He has seen them perform quite a few times, but he and I saw them together up in Jackson Hole at their ranch. They are so talented. And it was a big surprise that they did ChrIstMas music the whole night. I was loving it. Fun little date night.