baCkYarD fIrE piT

Daddy brought home a fire pit to kick off our mEmoRiaL dAy weekend. Got to cook some hot dogs and marshmallows. I made my smore using girl scout samao cookies. Oh yeah!

iNveStmEnt pRopErtY (wiTh pErKs)

We went to check out our new inVeStmEnt prOpErtY at Las Palmas and took advantage of one of the sweet peRks. Perfect day to be at the pool. It is getting warm. I have a feeling KaStLe and I will be spending alot of time there this summer.

mY fiRst hArVEsT

Our first batch of apricots came in this year. Last year we got about 20 on the tree but it took finding them on the ground to even know that it was an apricot tree. I did the best I could to get them. It was not an easy task with a short ladder and an intrusive baby bump ;)

kAstLe'S 1st sWimMinG LesSoN

kAstLe had his 1st 3 days of swiMmiNg LesSoNs this week. He is still not impressed with going under water, but I have definitely already seen improvement just from his first day. Shayli is darling and so good with him. Im not going to lie, I dont mind having a little boy that is more apprehensive then one that will just jump right in (like his momma did at the age of 2 right off the diving board).

uNdaUnteD - LaKe eLsiNorE

It was a qUiCk trip (there and back in 30 hours) but it was worth the drive. Went to watch TJ Lavin drive for LuCaS oiL and had Jason Ellis drive for uNdaUntEd. We stayed the night in LakE eLsinOre and hung out with our good friends at dinner in TeMecuLa. Nick, Jess and Renz all drove up to hang out for the night. It was so good to see them.

fRiEndS diNneR fOr rIck

hAppY 34tH to my husband, the "TuRtLe hUntEr". Great food and amazing friends to celebrate with this funny guy of mine. HaPpy bIrtHdAy babe!

rIckS 34tH biRthDaY

Today marks the 34th year that you have been alive. In that time you have accomplished so many things. Been injured in and survived several random accidents, started 5 businesses (1 in a different country), traveled to many different places, learned to fly, made countless new friends, married a gorgeous { ;) } woman, watched a son be born and grow into the funniest 2 year old ever, continued your legacy with a 2nd Trimmer boy on the way. You have loved, laughed, cried and worked your little butt off to become the amazing person that you are today. I love you so much! I couldn't be more proud of the man that you are. Hope you have a wonderful day today. HaPpy biRthDaY, babe!! Love you!

riCkS biRthDaY wEeK - LaKe poWeLL

Rick wanted to go to his favorite place for his bIrThdAy this year. It was perfect weather! The perfect kickoff for summer. Rick and his Grandpa took Kastle out a day earlier and had a great day fishing. Kastle is not sure about the fish. He got really upset by them jumping around in the cooler like they do. His face next to the fish is priceless. The baby bump is 27 Weeks here. Getting close! Hope you have a great birthday week babe.