cOusiN hALLowEen pArtY

Such a fun haLLowEen paRtY for the cousins. Grammy Jan and Aunt Shari put together some spook-tacular games and prizes for these cute kids. Thanks again!

diNninG oUt

Took advantage of my night off and drove up to nEw hArmOnY to have a date night. Rick knows that I love love love the fall leaves and they wont be around much longer. Had a fun fire down by the river and cooked our steaks right on it. Kastle showed me his new little friend at Grammy Jan's, meet "Cat in the Hat". Kastle is so in love!


Kastle got to paint his own pUmPkiN this year. Rick bought himself a pumpkin this year that weighed as much as Kastle, it was huge.

hELicOptEr riDe

Rick decided that we should go for a hELicoPteR rIde today. Kastle loved it! It was such a fun idea. Sometimes I just love my boy and his random ideas. Thanks babe!

fAmiLy piCtuReS

Thank you so much DaniWrightPhotography. We love our pictures and we had so much fun taking them!